10 Amazing Facts about Hemp

Hemp is an amazing fiber to use. Here’s why:

10 Amazing Facts you didn’t know about Hemp:


1. Hemp is one of the oldest fibers. Its cultivation can be traced back to 8,000 years ago in Mesopotamia were it was woven into fabric.


2. Hemp can grow everywhere. It grows easily in every climate and in varied types of soil.


3. Hemp doesn’t need a lot of water to grow, making it a superior natural fiber. It also doesn’t need pesticides or insecticides.


4. Hemp is one of the strongest and most durable textile fibers. It will last for a very long time with proper care. Not only that, but the more it gets washed, the softer it gets.


5. Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial and resistant to mold.


6. Hemp cultivation replenishes the soil instead of depleting it. It also eliminates toxins and radiation from contaminated soils. It removes chemicals and absorbs heavy metal better than any other plant.


7. Hemp can be used to produce more than 20,000 products (fabric, food, plastic, oil, medicine, concrete, ropes, paper, beauty products etc…)


8. At some point in the USA history, was mandatory to grow hemp or you would get fined.


9. Hemp holds its shape, stretching less than any other fabrics.


10. Hemp is bio-degradable.