How to wash and care for your hemp menstrual cloth pads


How to wash and care for your hemp cloth pads

How to wash and care for your cloth pads:


Washing your cloth pads: Hemp is an amazingly strong, long-lasting fiber that launders very easily and is considered machine washable linen. Your hemp cloth pads can be hand or machine washed. Here are some tips to make your experience with cloth pads easy.

Rinse: rinse out your pads after use with cold/warm water until it runs clear (do not use hot to avoid “cooking” the blood). Once they have been rinsed, they can be soaked or stored in a drypail until you wash them.

Drypail: fold the pads using the snaps, put them in a “wet bag” and let them dry until you wash them.

Soaking: put the pads in a bucket with enough water to cover them until you wash them. Change the water daily to avoid bad odors.

Machine Wash: Put your pads directly in the washing machine and use liquid castille soap or a non bleach laundry detergent. Use warm water for best results. Tumble dry/Air Dry.


Ironing: After conventional machine washing, use a fast spin cycle. Then use a hot iron to iron your pads while they’re still a little damp. This will ease the ironing and will maintain the appearance of your pads.

Use a hot iron as hemp easily handles extreme temperatures.